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Posted by FridaysonMonday - April 10th, 2014

I'm thankful for everyone who is wanting to help out and making an idea of mine come to life.
I'm still looking for someone who has the capability of taking my art style and turning it into an animation, but most likely that won't happen and I'll have to do the animation myself using Vegas. . . Wish o' wish o' wish I had Adobe Flash ♫ And a tablet. . . That makes things sorta easier. . . Honestly, if I knew what I was doing, I'd take this to kickstarter.

Meanwhile, an actual update. . . I'm working out exactly what I can use as a theme song. Since I won't be monetizing on any mediums until I'm well established and have the money to have luxuries, I could use some of the podsafe musical works of Blue Stahli. . . Or I could make my own. . . Decisions, decisions. . .

Posted by FridaysonMonday - March 28th, 2014

Posted by FridaysonMonday - March 20th, 2014

Thank you everyone that applied. I have made my decision, and if you received a letter (CHECK YOUR NG MAIL OR EMAIL), congratulations on your part. If you did not, please be on standby because I may call upon your talents for a small part. 

A little bit more on an update: 

Friday's on Monday will be presented in a comic-like video format. If you're familiar with Creepypasta Monsters. . . Kinda like that. Anyway, there are a few things stopping me from making this fully animated as well as making it fully digital art. 

  1. My animation skills are shit
  2.  I haven't a tablet which is a great asset to artists and animators world-wide.


I still have a bit of a way to go before I can present any physical detail about each character, so when I get that all out of the way, I'll finally start seriously asking about animators and even possibly donations to help make the series even better.

Once again, I thank you all for applying. You all did your very best, and I believe my month has given me plenty of time to find the voice actors I want.

Posted by FridaysonMonday - February 20th, 2014

While auditions are going, I will be working on concepts for Joe, PiFF!!, and Esteban. Just because it's not an animation doesn't mean I can't plan ahead.

Posted by FridaysonMonday - February 18th, 2014

So far, my only plans at the moment is to have audio and then once that is established, I will find an animator.


Friday's on Monday is a story about 3 people who own a restaurant called Burger-Taco. Though, rarely do they actually do any work. It was inspired by Jhonen Vasquez (Creator of Invader Zim, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Filler Bunny) and that's the type of energy and tone I expect to see in these characters.

Joe- Has a very flexible and dynamic voice ranging from low to high and switches a lot. Very average all around. Joe is the voice of reason, but on occasion joins PiFF!! and Esteban in their shenannigans.

Line 1. God damn it, Piff! You were supposed to be cleaning the blood out of the toilets.

Line 2. Between you and me, I think think Nörflördink is stealing taco shells before he takes off for the day.

Line 3. *5 second long yell* THE GERBILS! THEY'RE EATING MY SPINE!  

Line 4. *Entered the matrix and holding up a gun. Sounds like the Halo announcer* April fools, motherfucker.

PiFF!!- Medium-High voice. PiFF!! is an odd character. He has that habit of sounding stupid even when he's being serious about something, but not like a surfer dude. He takes many medications so he sounds very mellow and depressed and monotone when he's on them, and when he's not he is very rage-filled.

Line 1.  *Looking at a sunbathing reflector* Why is this menu all shiny. . . with no words?


Line 3.  (On meds) Welcome to Burger Taco. Where the burge- go fuck yourself

Esteban- An alien that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. And as the time passed, nobody gave a shit that there was an alien, and so he learned English and went into the porn industry, whether directing, acting, or cleaning up splooge; so he can pay for his dream of opening a restaurant. He's very open about sexuality and has many porn titles. Improvization is keen to have when coming up with movie titles for the character, if you feel that you can think of funny titles involving aliens. Overall, I had no real voice in mind for Esteban other than he was very suave and had a Spanish accent, but the accent can be changed if needed. The first part has to remain though. SUAVE~~~~

Line 1. Alright, darling, this is going to be the scene where the woman is single again, on her own in the big city. She had just gotten a job at the firm. . . and that's when she notices the stranger pulling out his genitals.

Line 2. *sexually excited* Mmm! That just sent a tingle up my asshole.

Line 3. Joe! I'm glad you could make it to the set. We were just getting done with a love scene in "10 Tentacles' Tantalizing Tenderness: volume 10"

*NOTE: These are to test your comfortability with swearing, yelling, and getting really weird.*

Email your auditions to fridays.onmonday@hotmail.com


File name: FOM-Yourname.mp3 (will not accept .wav as it takes way too damn long for me to download)

What your mp3 should contain: Your name, whom you are auditioning for, and 1-3 different takes for each line. 3 would be wonderful if you could.

and as much as I'd like to pay, I don't have money. When this picks up, things may change.

I'll give it a month for auditions. So ending 3/19/2014