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Entry #5

Another Update

2014-04-10 01:43:42 by FridaysonMonday

I'm thankful for everyone who is wanting to help out and making an idea of mine come to life.
I'm still looking for someone who has the capability of taking my art style and turning it into an animation, but most likely that won't happen and I'll have to do the animation myself using Vegas. . . Wish o' wish o' wish I had Adobe Flash ♫ And a tablet. . . That makes things sorta easier. . . Honestly, if I knew what I was doing, I'd take this to kickstarter.

Meanwhile, an actual update. . . I'm working out exactly what I can use as a theme song. Since I won't be monetizing on any mediums until I'm well established and have the money to have luxuries, I could use some of the podsafe musical works of Blue Stahli. . . Or I could make my own. . . Decisions, decisions. . .


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